Insurance Assignment Funding

Waiting to be paid for services you rendered?

    You don't have to with American Funeral Financial.

Most insurance companies take, on average, 30 to 90 days to process or settle life insurance claims.  The longer it takes the more it costs your firm - because time is money.  The question is - why wait?  Funeral funding provided by American Funeral Financial is simple and easy.  As leaders in the funeral funding arena - we know how to get you your money fast!

Further, researching, verifying and filing life insurance assignment claims is time consuming and costly to your firm and these are expenses you can avoid.  Why frustrate funeral directors and/or your staff with the headaches associated with insurance assignments when we can take that burden off your shoulders.

American Funeral Financial removes the headache, stress and burden of doing life insurance assignments.  We make funeral funding easy!  We take care of doing the research, verification and paperwork associated with funding funerals.  Our expert staff will take care of what's needed to make a verifiable claim and you'll be paid within 24 hours of verification.  Now that's cash flow!

Most importantly, you and your staff will be free to do what you do best - Serve Families!  Having worked with funeral directors all over the country, one thing is a fact, funeral directors would rather serve families than push paperwork.

But more than just meeting the funding needs of the funeral home or cemetery, American Funeral Financial, the funeral funding experts, gives service above and beyond.  If the family is in need of immediate funds or just doesn't want the hassle of having to deal with insurance claims and the long wait that accompanies that process, we stand ready to help.  Insurance proceeds beyond what is needed for funeral or cemetery arrangements, can go to the family!  We provide them with cash just when they need it the most. 

Given the option, most families will be thrilled that through your firm they can access their funds quickly.  Our firm serving yours and together, serving families. 

Money Right Now!

There should never be an issue regarding payment when it comes to making final arrangements for a loved one.  With the help of American Funeral Financial, funeral funding is right at your finger tips.

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