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Why Funeral Funding?

Due to the rising cost of goods and services, more and more funeral homes and cemeteries are requiring payment in full prior to providing funeral services or making the interment.  With today's economy, families are relying on life insurance benefits to pay for these services.  Unfortunately, it can take several weeks or even months for the insurance underwriter to pay the claim to the beneficiary or the funeral home / cemetery when taking an assignment.  Likewise, the paperwork associated with funeral financing and insurance assignments is becoming more complicated and time consuming, taking valuable time away from serving families.


Through assignment of life insurance, American Funeral Financial, LLC, assists funeral homes and cemeteries by taking the burden of collection off your shoulders.  You can do what you do best - serve families.  We increase your cash flow, reduce your bad debt and reduce your administrative burdens and costs.


American Funeral Financial, LLC - your one source for funeral funding - insurance assignment services and cash flow.

Welcome to American Funeral Financial

American Funeral Financial, LLC - our team working for your team when YOU need it the most - because the Cash you have today can have a profound effect on the success of your business tomorrow...!

Get your insurance assignment proceeds immediately...! With the Funeral Funding Experts at American Funeral Financial

By assisting funeral homes and cemeteries with insurance assignment verification and funding, and debt collection, we provide quick payment, unequaled service and extraordinary value.

We are funeral professionals serving funeral professionals.  Our team of experts have provided decades of service to families through funeral homes and cemeteries.  We know what it is like to sit with families in an arrangement conference and we gear our services to meet your needs.  As a leading firm in our field, we know your needs and work hard to meet your expectations.  After all, wouldn't you rather work with a funeral professional when it comes to serving your family?

Our primary services include:

  • Funeral Insurance Assignment Verification and Funding (immediate cash from insurance policies) without recourse to the funeral home or cemetery
  • Cash out of beneficiary claims on life insurance policies following death, and
  • Debt collection for funeral homes or cemeteries

So Why Use - American Funeral Financial, LLC?

 Services we offer your funeral home or cemetery:

  • Qualified insurance assignment claim processing
  • Fast payment on insurance assigned accounts (usually 24 hours)
  • Reduced Time and Effort on your organization's part giving you more time to serve your families
  • Decreased overhead from reduced administrative effort
  • Effective experience in the collection of death care accounts
  • Superior service with ease of web based entry

Services we offer families:

  • Knowledge that funeral expenses are paid in a timely manner
  • Availability of cash from insurance proceeds immediately instead of having to wait for insurance policy settlements
  • Ability to fund additional items needed at either the funeral home or cemetery without having a personal cash outlay
  • Access to advance of total life insurance proceeds reducing wait time for cash proceeds
  • Reduced stress at what is already a difficult time

American Funeral Financial's value to your firm is demonstrated through increased customer satisfaction, quantifiable improvement in your cash flow, administrative efficiency and net profit.  We offer funeral financing at its best.

Call us today to see how the services of American Funeral Financial, LLC can benefit your company!

We are Experts in

Funeral Funding - Funeral Debt Collection

Insurance Advancement Funding for Beneficiaries

American Funeral Financial - the Funeral Funding Experts


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